Application of Vanadium  

    Vanadium has many excellent physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used, known as the metal "vitamin". Most of the original vanadium was used in steel. The strength, toughness and wear resistance of the steel were increased by refining its structure and grain size and increasing the grain coarsening temperature. Later, people gradually discovered the excellent improvement effect of vanadium in titanium alloy and applied it to aerospace, thus making breakthrough progress in aerospace industry. With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for new materials is increasing. Vanadium is used more and more widely in non-steel fields, covering many fields such as aerospace, chemistry, battery, pigment, glass, optics, medicine.

    The high-purity, high-performance vanadium compounds developed and produced by Dalian Galaxy Metal Materials Co., Ltd. can be widely used in traditional materials (such as aerospace industry) and emerging high-tech fields.

Vanadium-titanium alloy is widely used in aircraft engines, aerospace cabin skeletons, missiles, hydrofoils and introducers of warships, steam turbine blades, rocket engine shells, etc. In addition, vanadium alloy is also used in magnetic materials, hard alloys, superconducting materials, nuclear reactor materials and other fields.

    In the chemical industry, vanadium compound is used in catalysts, ceramic colorants, developer, desiccant and raw materials for high purity vanadium oxide or ferrovanadium, respectively. Worked as a catalyst, V205 has the special activity which is unlikely to be placed by other elements.

    Vanadium redox flow battery (VRB) energy storage battery is now the most promising large-capacity energy storage system. Compared with other batteries, it has following advantages:

(1) Rated power and rated energy are independent. Its power depends on the battery stack and its energy depends on the electrolyte. Therefore, the capacity of the battery can be increased by adding the amount of electrolyte at will;

(2) During charging and discharging, only the liquid phase reaction happens in vanadium battery. It is unlike ordinary battery which has complicated solid phase changes causing battery current interruption or short circuit;

(3) The battery has a long shelf life and long storage life;

(4) It can be 100% discharged without any damage;

     Vanadium salts are of different colors which include green, red, black and yellow. These colorful vanadium compounds are made into bright pigments: if added to glass, it can be made into colored glass or used to make various inks.

     Vanadium dioxide thin films and ultrafine powders can be widely used in the fields of electrical and optical switching devices, solar control materials, optical disk media materials, coatings, thermistors and the like due to their unique phase change characteristics;

     Vanadium can regulate blood sugar of the human body and has anti-diabetic effect. In addition, vanadium can improve myocardial function and has an obvious therapeutic effect on hypertension. At the same time, vanadium can significantly improve renal enlargement, reduce urinary protein and improve renal function.

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